These legislators are leading the charge for bold climate action in the Vermont State House in 2017.

The legislators below are ordered by district and then last name. If you see your legislator below — click on their name to send them a short email of appreciation letting them know you’re glad they’re prioritizing climate action this session. If you don’t see your legislator below — use our message writing tool to send them a message and ask them to join the Climate Solutions Caucus.

Please make your thank you as personal and sincere as possible. Here are some examples of short, effective messages:

“Thank you for your leadership on the Climate Solutions Caucus. Addressing climate change will create jobs and strengthen our economy. Keep up the good work.”

“I read that you joined the Climate Solutions Caucus. Kudos! As Washington, DC abandons the climate, it’s good to see Vermont working to protect our planet and prosperity.”

“I’m very pleased to see that you are part of the Climate Solutions Caucus. Global warming is a threat to Vermonters’ health, wealth and way of life. Thank you for taking it seriously.”

Not sure who your legislators are? Visit the State House website to find out!

Sen. Claire Ayer – Addison District Sen. Chris Pearson – Chittenden District Sen. Allison Clarkson – Windsor District
Sen. Philip Baruth – Chittenden District Sen. Mark MacDonald – Orange District Sen. Richard McCormack – Windsor District
Sen. Debbie Ingram – Chittenden District Sen. Francis Brooks – Washington District
Sen. Virginia Lyons – Chittenden District Sen. Anthony Pollina – Washington District
Rep. Robin Scheu – Addison-1 Rep. Johanna Donovan – Chittenden-6-5 Rep. Tommy Walz – Washington-3
Rep. Amy Sheldon – Addison-1 Rep. Mary Sullivan – Chittenden-6-5 Rep. Jay Hooper – Washington-4
Rep. Diane Lanpher – Addison-3 Rep. Barbara Rachelson – Chittenden-6-6 Rep. Kimberly Jessup – Washington-5
Rep. Bill Botzow – Bennington-1 Rep. Diana Gonzalez – Chittenden-6-7 Rep. Theresa Wood – Washington-Chittenden
Rep. Rachael Fields – Bennington-2-1 Rep. Martin LaLonde – Chittenden-7-1 Rep. Valerie Stuart – Windham-2-1
Rep. Kiah Morris – Bennington-2-2 Rep. Helen Head – Chittenden-7-3 Rep. Mollie Burke – Windham-2-2
Rep. Alice Miller – Bennington-3 Rep. Maida Townsend – Chittenden-7-4 Rep. Matthew Trieber – Windham-3
Rep. Chip Troiano – Caledonia-2 Rep. Betsy Dunn – Chittenden-8-1 Rep. David Deen – Windham-4
Rep. Terence Macaig – Chittenden-2 Rep. Kathleen Keenan – Franklin-3-1 Rep. Michael Mrowicki – Windham-4
Rep. Jim McCullough – Chittenden-2 Rep. Daniel Connor – Franklin-6 Rep. John Bartholomew – Windsor-1
Rep. Trevor Squirrell – Chittenden-3 Rep. Cynthia Weed – Franklin-7 Rep. Alice Emmons – Windsor-3-2
Rep. George Till – Chittenden-3 Rep. Daniel Noyes – Lamoille-2 Rep. Bob Forguites – Windsor-3-2
Rep. Mike Yantachka – Chittenden-4-1 Rep. David Yacovone – Lamoille-Washington Rep. Susan Buckholz – Windsor-4-1
Rep. Kate Webb – Chittenden-5-1 Rep. Sarah Copeland-Hanzas – Orange-2 Rep. Kevin Christie – Windsor-4-2
Rep. Jean O’Sullivan – Chittenden-6-2 Rep. Mary Hooper – Orange-Washington-Addison Rep. Charlie Kimbell – Windsor-5
Rep. Curt McCormack – Chittenden-6-3 Rep. Stephen Carr – Rutland-6 Rep. Tim Briglin – Windsor-Orange-2
Rep. Brian Cina – Chittenden-6-4 Rep. Robin Chesnut-Tangerman – Rutland-Bennington Rep. Jim Masland – Windsor-Orange-2
Rep. Selene Colburn – Chittenden-6-4 Rep. Paul Poirier – Washington-3 Rep. Sandy Haas – Windsor-Rutland