2016 Climate Solutions Summit 101Are you worried about the terrifying climate policies emanating from D.C. and looking for ways to get involved and make an impact? Here in Vermont we have the opportunity to tackle climate change head-on and continue to show that a strong economy and a healthy environment go hand-in-hand. No matter what your particular skill-set or availability, we’re sure to have an opportunity for you to get involved. Scroll down to see how you can help fight global warming.

Have an idea of a way you can help that you don’t see listed?

Reach out to our Field Director, Adam Maxwell, to chat about what you can do for the movement for a carbon-free future.

For volunteer opportunities for College Students, click here.


Participate in a phone bank

If you live near Burlington you can stop by our field office on 207 King Street Tuesday-Thursday anytime between noon and 8pm to help advance the cause. We can train you on our easy-to-use software and in a matter of minutes you can be connecting everyday Vermonters with their legislators to advance critical climate legislation or inviting them to events that help build the movement for climate action and a green economy for all. Email David with questions or for more information.

Actively shape Vermont’s media narrative, highlighting the co-benefits of climate action that bolsters our local economies

Too often climate change is ignored, denied, or portrayed as too costly to the economy to warrant aggressive policies to mitigate and adapt. Working with our team of organizers and communications specialists, you and your neighbors can help drive the media narrative in a more hopeful and positive direction, and have fun while doing it. Writing a bunch of letters to the editor (LTEs) or opinion editorials (op-eds) can be the main activity of a simple and fun party with your neighbors and friends.

Think the comment boards on your favorite Vermont news site are too skewed towards negativity and misinformation? Join a growing team of Vermonters committed to showcasing the incredible opportunity taking the lead on addressing climate change affords our brave little state.

For information and tips on having a pro-climate media impact, check out our Media Toolkit.

Enter data to keep the movement a well oiled machine!

If you’re looking for a less public role to play in the campaign we have plenty of opportunities to enter in the data we receive from tabling, campus class raps, and rallies. These tasks are simple and are a great opportunity to connect with like-minded organizers and volunteers in our lively field office! To get involved as a data guru email David.

Get involved in shaping your community’s energy future

Joining your town energy committee can help you get involved with planning your town’s renewable energy future while also educating your friends and neighbors about the benefits of renewable energy and weatherization. Town energy committees are also the local leaders who draw in the resources necessary to create a green energy future in towns across the state. For more information or to find your energy committee, visit the VECAN website.

Meet with your state representatives about bold climate action

We’re lucky here in Vermont to have a citizen legislature. Our legislators are easy to communicate with and are eager to connect with their constituents regularly. This means that it’s up to us ensure that our legislators in Montpelier are champions of bold climate policy. Even when we know our representatives and senators are on board, citizen lobbying can ensure that they are persistently lobbying their colleagues to support bolder and more comprehensive policies to address this most important issue. If you’re interested in attending or hosting a meeting with your local legislator, let us know and we will connect you with one of our organizers.