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Vermont Lawmaker Plans Carbon Tax Proposal
Matt Hongoltz-Hetling, Valley News, 12/9/2017.

New carbon tax proposal would lower power rates
Mike Polhamus, VT Digger, 12/7/17

Commentary: Carbon Tax Proven Effective
William Thwing, VT Digger, 10/31/2017

Commentary: Climate Action Needed Now
Darrell Ross, VT Digger, 10/30/2017

Commentary: A Small State with A Big Opportunity
William Graham, VT Digger, 10/26/2017

Commentary: Leadership on Carbon Tax
William Graham, Rutland Herald, 10/24/2017

Carbon Tax Proposal Gains Steam in Vermont
Leon Kaye, Triple Pundit, 4/20/2017.

Commentary: Tax Reform & Climate Action
Reps. Sarah Copeland-Hanzas, Johannah Leddy Donovan, Diana González, and Martin LaLonde, VTDigger, 4/11/2017.

New Carbon Tax Proposals Look to Shift Burden Onto Pollution
Mike Polhamus, VTDigger, 4/10/2017.

State rep proposes fossil fuel fee to reduce property taxes
Timothy McQuiston, Vermont Business Magazine, 4/10/2017.

Carbon tax could reduce other Vt. taxes
Neal Goswami, Times Argus, 4/10/2017.

A Good Start for Scott
Tom Hughes, VTDigger, 1/12/2017.

Poll Finds Support for Carbon Tax, Other Climate Steps
Mike Polhamus, VTDigger, 7/7/2016.

Carbon-tax activists pressure Vermont candidates
April Burbank, Burlington Free Press, 7/7/2016.

The unsuspected upsides of a carbon pollution tax
Luc Reid, Williston Observer, 5/26/2016.

New Ideas for Environmental and Economic Leadership
Tom Hughes, VT Digger, 4/22/2016.

Why I Support A Carbon Pollution Tax
Abigail Mnookin, VT Digger, 3/11/2016.

Gathering Asks: Could Vermont Benefit From Climate Change?
Mark Johnson, Digger, 2/22/2016.

Proof That a Price on Carbon Works
Editorial Board, New York Times, 1/19/2016.

Carbon tax post-Paris
Editorial Board, Manchester Journal, 12/14/2015.

Activists Deliver Thousands Of Postcards Calling For Carbon Tax
Pat Bradley, WAMC, 12/1/2015.

These could be the first U.S. states to tax carbon (and give their residents a nice paycheck)
Chelsea Harvey, Washington Post, 11/10/2015.

Advocates Likely to Square Off in Carbon Tax Debate
Jasper Craven, VT Digger, 11/4/2015.

Could A Carbon Tax Work For Vermont?
Alex Keefe & Annie Russell, VPR, 11/4/2015.

Carbon tax is focus of rally in Burlington
Joel Banner Baird, Burlington Free Press, 10/14/2015.

News analysis: Will carbon tax help Vermont?
Editorial Board, Times Argus, 8/17/2015.

Study Shows Carbon Tax Would Grow State’s Economy
John Herrick, VTDigger, 4/14/2015.

Alchemist, Ben & Jerry’s push for carbon tax
Paris Achen, Burlington Free Press, 4/8/2015.

How A Carbon Tax In This Tiny State Would Cut Pollution And Add Thousands Of Jobs
Jeff Spross, ThinkProgress, 11/18/2014.

Groups propose carbon tax for Vermont
Josh O’Gorman, Times Argus/ Rutland Herald, 11/14/2014.

Advocacy groups launch campaign for a carbon tax
John Herrick, VTDigger, 11/14/2014.