Protect Vermont’s Sugar Maples

Among the multitude of natural resources under threat from global warming are Vermont’s beloved sugar maple trees and the world-famous syrup they help produce.

According to the Vermont Climate Assessment, climate change is placing more stress on sugar maples and will likely cause adverse effects on maple syrup production.

That’s why sugarers number among the 180+ businesses that have endorsed Energy Independent Vermont and our efforts to put a price on carbon pollution.

If you value Vermont maple syrup, consider joining them by signing our petition asking Vermont lawmakers to support a carbon pollution tax.

Then consider spreading the word on social media. You can either share the image on the right on Facebook or share one of yourself. Here’s how:

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  2. Take a photo of you, your friends, family enjoying some Vermont maple syrup (consider attending a sugar open house March 28th and 29th). Be creative!
  3. Post the photo to Facebook and other social media and be sure to:
    • Use the hashtag #SaveOurSyrupVT
    • Tag Energy Independent Vermont (on Facebook start typing @Energy Independent Vermont and select our page from the dropdown. On Instagram just use @energyindvt)
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That’s all it takes!