Complete Toolkit
This contains all the information you need to talk about this campaign, start building support in your community and mobilizing action. You can download the full toolkit here OR access PDFs of the individual components below:


INTRODUCTION [Download PDF] Get an overview of action plan and checkout our benchmarks for 2017.

MESSAGING [Download PDF] Learn how to talk about the campaign in a way that’s clear, persuasive and convincing.

ACTION TEAMS 101 [Download PDF] We need your help to build teams of EIV activists in every district in Vermont. Here’s how to get started.

CLIMATE ACTION PARTY TIPS [Download PDF] Hosting a climate action party is the best way to educate others in your community on the proposal and recruit new activists. Learn how to host one.

PETITION [Download PDF] We want to collect thousands of signatures to Vermont candidates this summer – showing them Vermonters support a carbon pollution tax. Print this sheet to collect those signatures.

TABLING HOW-TO [Download PDF] Get out to local community events and recruit new activists. This guide makes it easy.

SURVEY MOCK-UP [Download PDF] An Energy Independence Survey is a great way to start the conversation at a table. Use this mock-up, or make your own.

THE IMPORTANCE OF STORY [Download PDF] Energy Independence stories will drive this campaign. Learn what these are, what makes a good one and how to capture them.

IMAGES MATTER [Download PDF] Learn how to capture photos and videos in support of the campaign – it’s easy!

ONLINE SUBMISSION HOW-TO [Download PDF] Once you’ve collected petition signatures, stories, photos and videos – follow this guide to submit them.

ENTERING THE CONVERSATION [Download PDF] Best practices for getting our message out in the media – traditionally and digitally (includes Letter to the Editor Toolkit)