500 Businesses Endorse Energy Independent Vermont

Business leaders from across the state gathered at the State House to announce the over 500 businesses that have endorsed Energy Independent Vermont’s proposal to create an Energy Independence Fund and cut taxes on income, sales and employment funded by a phased-in tax on carbon pollution.

The event was spearheaded by Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility, Seventh Generation and Ben & Jerry’s. Jen Kimmich of The Alchemist, Dan Hoxworth of Capstone Community Action and Fred Danforth of Danforth Pewter joined the event organizers for a press conference calling on the state legislature to strengthen Vermont’s economy, create jobs and drive innovation by taxing carbon pollution.

Over 500 businesses from Greensboro to St. Albans and Barre to Brattleboro have endorsed Energy Independent Vermont since the campaign first launched in November of 2014. Energy Independent Vermont’s proposal stands to give Vermont businesses a boost by cutting taxes on sales and employment, creating jobs by investing in energy efficiency and clean energy, and growing Vermont’s economy by sending fewer dollars to out-of-state fossil fuel companies.

Last week’s press conference came on the heels of nearly two weeks of testimony heard by the House Natural Resources and Energy Committee on “Carbon Management.” Among those who testified was Black River Produce co-owner, Mark Curran. Black River Produce employs 250 Vermonters and uses 1,200 gallons of diesel a day to transport fresh produce all across New England. Mark Curran and his company have formally endorsed Energy Independent Vermont. To see the full list of endorsers and/or add your own business to our list go here: https://www.energyindependentvt.org/who-we-are/business-endorsers/