Al Gore recognizes EIV Campaign During Vermont Visit

Al Gore delivered his Climate Reality presentation to a capacity crowd at Ira Allen Chapel on the University of Vermont campus Tuesday.

The former vice president delivered the most up-to-date version of his renowned slideshow detailing the science behind man-made global warming, the climate crisis we are now facing, and the solutions we have at our disposal.

Among those solutions, Gore made special mention of our effort to put a price on carbon pollution in Vermont, imploring people to join the campaign.

“This petition drive is really important. Please support them,” Gore said.

Since leaving office, Gore has become perhaps the leading voice for climate action in the world. His presentation in Vermont was arranged by EIV business endorser Seventh Generation.

He began his presentation by explaining the basic science of global warming – a problem Gore said has been greatly exacerbated by our “global policy” of allowing the largest fossil fuel polluters to dump unthinkable amounts of carbon pollution into the atmosphere for free.

Gore then continued by listing the numerous problems we are already dealing with because of global warming — including increased flooding, severe droughts, food shortages and political instability.

Gore showed image after image of flooded cities and towns, farms ravaged by drought and wildfires – even promising the crowd at one point that “the hope is coming.”

And it did. Gore concluded his presentation by discussing the policy steps we have available to address this crisis – including a price on carbon pollution.

“We really do need to put a price on carbon,” Gore said. “And in order to put a price on carbon we have to put a price on denial in the political system.”

He noted the progress that’s already been made, pointing out the increased affordability and availability of clean energy technology like wind and solar power and recognizing the commitment by governments and businesses (many from Vermont) to transition off of fossil fuels.

Gore finished by admitting there is much work to be done, but noted that the momentum is on the side of those seeking to save the world: “Always remember we have the ability to change our circumstances and always remember that political will is a renewable resources.”

Audio of Al Gore’s speech at UVM can be found on the Gund Institute website.

Photo credit: Tom Rafferty via Creative Commons