RSVP for Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility Webinar

Coalition partner Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility is hosting an interactive webinar about the details of our proposal Wednesday, April 1 at 4pm.

VSBR knows that climate change threatens our environment, our quality of life, and our economy. That’s why they’ve joined Energy Independent Vermont.

Our campaign aims to make the state the first in the country that places a tax on carbon pollution and uses that new revenue to cut other taxes and invest in efforts to move residents and businesses away from fossil fuels. The bill, H.412, was introduced at the Vermont Statehouse earlier this year and hearings are expected to begin soon.

This interactive webinar that lays out all the key details about Vermont’s carbon pollution tax proposal and how it will improve the state’s economy and make us more energy independent. Attendees will hear from legislative leaders, advocates, and business leaders that support combatting climate change.

Space is limited – please RSVP today!