Times Argus Analyzes Pollution Tax Proposal

On Monday, the Times Argus offered a wide-ranging analysis of Energy Independent Vermont’s plan to put a price on carbon pollution in Vermont.

The article notes that despite opponents’ claims that taxing carbon pollution would slow the economy and be politically unpalatable – evidence has shown “the opposite to be true.”

It cites numerous economic models and real-life examples — including the successful carbon pollution tax in British Columbia — to conclude that “taxing carbon emissions reduces pollution, saves money, spurs economic growth, creates jobs, and wins political support.”

The article goes on to quote Paul Burns, the executive director of (EIV coalition member) the Vermont Public Interest Research Group.

“The single best thing that we can do is put a price on carbon pollution,” Burns said. “Our analysis shows that is the single best policy that could be introduced to reduce carbon emissions in Vermont.”

Read the full article at the Times Argus website.